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Elkot La Elmasreya is an online authority in dating. If you’re a first-timer or someone who’s about to go back to the dating world, this blog is for you. If you’ve been swinging and dating for some time now, this blog has a lot of good things for you – so you’ll finally find the one you might want to settle down with.

Created in Boston by Micheal Bauman, this blog features experience-based insights on dating. Our team is composed of individuals who have been there and done that. They may not have perfect dating stories or relationships, but they’re happily enjoying their lives right now. Each of them is here to share their experiences and learnings in dating. Some of the issues or topics featured in the blog include how to meet people, starting conversations the right way, developing self-confidence, how to work around your shyness, tips for developing social skills, asking the right questions, understanding body language, and many more.

Inside the blog are stories from actual experiences, some (a lot of, actually!) tips, How-to articles, discussions, and simple essays on dating –related topics.

If you visit us regularly, you might also catch special features and highlights of some dating –related events and activities. From time-to-time, they may also be interviews and write-ups about famous personalities and dating authorities.

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