Elkot La Elmasreya often organizes special dating events. These activities are a good opportunity for individuals looking for dates to get together and mingle. Likewise, these events also serve as perfect venues for meeting probable dates. Here are some of the events that Elkot La Elmasreya regularly organizes:

Book Dates

These are dating events where participants are asked to bring their favorite book. It’s like traditional speed dating where you get to go around and choose your partner or match. Instead of talking about random things, however, you talk about the books each of you brought. If your choice of books matches that of your partner’s, you’ll be exchanging contact details before the event ends.

Adventure Time Dates

These are dates that happen in a unique location. Instead of cocktails in a restaurant, you may have to go to the gym for some fun workout. You can go around and mingle with the other participants, and if you find someone who tickles your fancy, you can end up working out with him/her more regularly. Other venues: the park, the bowling alley, a farm with horses, and a skydiving place. A great event for thrill-seekers!

Sell Yourself Dates

These events work pretty much like a project presentation in the office. Instead of presenting a video of an ad or marketing strategy you made for a product, you are going to introduce yourself. Each participant will be given time to talk in front and “sell” his or herself. It has a party vibe, though, as these events are commonly held inside a bar or restaurant.

Speed Dating

Of course, speed dating is on our list. One of the oldest ways of meeting probably dates, speed dating never fails to draw a sizeable crowd. The rules are simple, and the events are always fun.