Make Relations With Your Partner Better – Save Your Love

Read these advices, and you can improve your relations with the loving person.

1. To tell the truth, to ask. The big temptation in relations is that he has guessed himself. And that he or she has guessed – we frequently start to manipulate, reach the purposes not directly, and with any secret tracks. Instead of to ask fair and openly a water glass, we with significant sighs speak in space: “Oh, I want to drink very much….” Manipulations destroy relations.

2. To speak easy, to cause trust. Our intonations issue our feelings. How many times we would not tell words “I love you so much!”, if in tone of a voice is heard “You have spoiled all my life!” Our partner will hear this text. You should learn to hear yours and anothers intonations. Also you should practice that words and tone of a voice corresponded one another.

3. To speak with advantage. Relations are not result. Relations are a live process. And, probably, at a given time they don’t suit us. Important during these moments to say that it is possible to make in another way as it is possible to change to the best. Ask yourself. What do I want from these relations? Also what am I ready to make for this purpose? To freeze love it is impossible, but it is possible to develop it.

4. To be grateful. On what do you focus the attention more often? What do you already have or on what you don’t have till now? Start to appreciate what you have – and you will have more into your life. If your partner feels, that all time you are not satisfied –will it stimulate him to reach more? Hardly, after, all the same it will be insufficiently.

5. To be benevolent. Concern the partner not as to a set of defects, which need to be improved and corrected. Feeling that “I am not very good” does not promote improvement of relations. The sensation that you love each other just for being yourself, is much more pleasant. Everything that in my partner differs from me – interestingly! And I unconditionally accept it.

6. To develop true sights. We vary and develop. It is important, that during this moment we did not forget about relations and about the partner. And if suddenly at a given time my partner ceases to aspire somewhere and something to want, not bad to wonder: “And what do I do, that my partner has decided to stay in the development?” It is better to develop together instead of to search for someone better. The love comes to us from heart, instead of from mind.

Here those actions, which improve relations, do them more filled, more sincere. Start to apply it in a life – and let inside and round you becomes more love!

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