Speed Dating: 3 Simple Tips to Help You Stand Out

One of the most popular ways of seeking a date is by joining speed dating events. They’re fun, simple, and safe. However, standing out and finding a date in a speed dating event is not easy. Sometimes, you’ll end up going home early instead of having fun. To help you change that, here are three simple tips that can make you stand out in the next speed dating event you join:

1. What you wear matters.

You don’t have to be supermodel sexy to attract attention, but you do have to dress up well. If you are familiar with the venue, dress accordingly. If it’s your first time to go there, dress appropriately; in other words, don’t show too much skin or wear anything skimpy. You should be comfortable with what you are wearing. If you put on a body-hugging red dress but are not comfortable wearing it, you won’t get the looks you want. So dress comfortably and appropriately.

2. Don’t be late.

Be at the venue as early as you can. You have two reasons to do so: first, being early will give you plus points; second, if you’re early, you’ll have the chance to observe and socialize before the actual speed dating starts. You don’t have to talk to someone from the opposite sex, but it will be good if you try. It might give you an edge as you’ll feel a bit comfortable later on. You’ll be able to relax early on.

3. Be creative with your questions.

In speed dating, you go around the room and meet different people. You’ll sit down for a few minutes and talk to him/her; just a few minutes. So it is important for you to ask the right questions to make a good impact. Don’t open the conversation by asking typical questions like: “Where do you work?” or “How are you tonight?”. Please be as creative as you can be. Ask questions that will make him/her remember you long after the event is done. If you’re a pilot of a flight attendant, you can open the conversation by asking, “Have you ever traveled on an airplane?”. Then you can follow it up with something related to his/her answer.

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