Why You Should Write Love Letters: 3 Good Reasons

In this day and age, writing letters has become a forgotten art. People are too lazy to write a letter now because the electronic mail is faster and more convenient. Some also prefer sending their message through chat, by using their social media accounts, or by sending a text message. Sadly, the pen and paper combination has been pushed to the backseat.

But all is not lost because a lot of people are also into collecting pens, journals, and stationeries. So maybe the art of love letter writing still has hope. Yes, there’s nothing like being told “I love you” through a love letter. The feeling is just indescribable. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider writing a love letter instead of wooing your special someone through Facebook Messenger or by text messaging. Here are three good ones:

1. The person you are sending the love letter to will feel extra special.

If he/she receives a Facebook message or a text from you, he/she may feel special, but not as special as when you send a love letter in your handwriting. He/she will feel extra special because you went out of your way to give him/her something that you made. Writing a love letter is not easy. You cannot just copy and paste what you want to say. You cannot delete a word or paragraph when you make a mistake. You cannot save it and then finish it later; you have to finish your letter as soon as you can.

2. No matter how short your message is, it will be appreciated. It will put a smile on his/her face.

Two or three lines sincerely written are all it takes to get your message across. You don’t have to write novel-length letters to put a smile on someone’s face. Simply writing, “Hi, ______! Just want you to know I remembered you today. So I decided to send you this letter to let you know, and to tell you how special you are to me.” No drama, no hysterics. Just words that mean a lot.

3. Love letters bring out the creative you.

When writing a love letter, you will find yourself drawn to your creative side. You’ll want your letter to not only contain a special message but also to look beautiful. Therefore, you will want to experiment and test your creativity. Maybe you can add some fun doodle on the paper, or maybe you can make your own fancy envelope. This will make your recipient feel even more special.

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